In recent years, the industrial structure of Taiwan has changed. Our society has focused on the importance of occupational safety and health. In the past, the occupational medicine aimed at the occupational disease's treatment. However, the aim has focused on the concept of preventing disease and mainly on enhancing workplace safety and workers' health. "Occupational Medicine" combines the disease prevention, compensation, and resumption. We provide workers the clinic service, health consultations, resumption evaluation, and rehabilitation transfer, in order to offer the labors the complete and reasonable medical care.


We provide the medical service of occupational health, occupational health management, occupational diseases prevention and treatment, and consultations of the insurance of labor and occupational casualty's compensation.


We provide occupational related services to all laborers, workers, employers, and institute who have an occupational health issue. The service we provide including:

(1)       General health consultation

(2)       Specific health consultation (including: Evaluation on working abilities, suggestion for work fitness, prevention on occupational diseases)

(3)       Consultation for labor insurance compensations about occupational injuries and diseases

(4)       Field occupational health service and management

(5)       Others

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Assistant:  Chih-Yin, Liou

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Fax: (06)2812811 #6773

E-mail: enonostar@gmail.com