As the number of international tourists and business travelers visiting Taiwan has increased in recent years, mostly resulted from less restrictive cross-strait policies and the furtherance of science and technology this island has been dedicated to. There is a strong demand, from the foreign visitors, for world class treatment and the best possible medical services. Chi Mei Medical Center understands that effective communication is the foundation of successful diagnosis and treatment and is essential for ensuring quality patient care. So the International Affairs Department (hereinafter referred to as the IAD) was established in July of 2008, aiming to promote the delivery of high quality care by bridging language and cultural gaps.

The IAD also sets goal to expand international cooperative relationships with academic and healthcare institutions for the exchange of medical knowledge and the conduct of medical research program. The IAD leads efforts to establish an infrastructure for developing international programs that support our cultivated and skilled physicians to provide state of the art medical care.

  • To provide a world class level of customer service to foreign patients that match the medical care our native patients receive at Chi Mei Medical Center.
  • To develop strong global medical programs that provides continuing medical education and clinical observer-ships opportunity in different specialties for all medical workers.

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