About Us

Chi Mei Hospital is a modern, fully equipped medical center with more than 2450 beds capacity. We are the largest integrated health care system in the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan area. We provide high quality health services to more than 3 million patients. Chi Mei Hospital aims to offer safe and quality medical care, promotes health and well-being of staff and the community, and educates outstanding medical professionals. Our Core Values are: Compassion, Accountability and Effectiveness.

Chi Mei Hospital, formerly named Father Fox Foundation Hospital back in the hospital’s early years, was founded in 1968. The Hospital moved to the present location in 1986. The name of the hospital was changed to the Chi Mei Foundation Hospital in 1992. Chi Mei Foundation Hospital was accredited as a Medical Center in 2000. Chi Mei Hospital was recognized with National Quality Award in 2002, The Nursing Department was awarded the highest honor by the DOH in 2011 for its nurse-friendly work environment. August 2012. The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Center was set up in the Employee Activity Center building. April 2016. The 5th Medical Building was erected and opened. Chi Mei Liouying began providing care for patients in northern Tainan in 2004. It was accredited with excellence by the Teaching Hospital Accreditation in 2008. Chi Mei Chiali began providing high quality health care for residents of the Beiman area in September 2011.
We have 37 medical departments, 13 administration departments, 36 medical committees, 9 administrative committees, and 15 research labs. We operate 1278 beds in Yongkang, 876 beds in Liouying and 276 beds in Chiali. Chi Mei Healthcare covering three hospitals, totaling 2450 beds, serve the largest population in the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan area. Currently, we have 4000 employees in Yongkang, 1850 in Liouying, and 600 in Chiali.