Vision For The Future -- Message from Chairman Wen-Long Shi

Forty years ago, Chi Mei Hospital (formerly Father Fax Hospital) started from a small local community hospital began serving the community’s healthcare needs. This year, the Chi Mei group marks the 20th year of caring for patients and providing quality care to the society. I am proud as we celebrate the four decades of satisfying patients’ needs, and I look forward to the continued progress. It is the dedication and hard work of all our physicians, staff, nurses and administrators that earn us a reputation as one of the top-rated medical care providers in Taiwan.
Looking back, we responded to the SARS crisis quickly and decisively by constructing more negative pressure isolation rooms before the outbreak began. In 2004, Chi Mei, Liouying, with the aim of becoming a center of excellence for cancer care in the South, started providing services for the residents in the northern Tainan to meet an increased demand for medical care. Chi Mei hospital became the region’s leading provider of emergency services and critical care to the greater Tainan area. I am very glad that we are now in the position as a comprehensive, high-quality medical center with a wide range of services and advanced capabilities.
Chi Mei medical center is a non-profit hospital that has full responsibility of serving the community. As the population ages, there is an increase in the occurrence and effect of chronic diseases and cancers. And the demand for mental health care, too, grows as the result of rapid industrialization and urbanization. All of the above are key directions shape our vision of the future. Chi Mei medical center has the enviable well-established system and creative work atmosphere that allow you to achieve the goals of serving the society.
We have a future filled with promise. Together with Chairman Liao, we would fully support you to fulfill the promises. Last but not least, I would like to remind you to make exercise a part of your daily routine and explore the world of art that enriches your lives. Wish you all a wonderful Chinese New Year.